Club Calendar 2016-2017

Please note that dates and activities may change.  This calendar will be updated in as timely a manner as possible.  Please check back periodically for any changes.  Changes/updates will be in “red“.

Calendar Posted 06/25/2016;  Updated 04/15/2017

June, 2016

No meeting

July, 2016

No meeting

August, 2016

      Aug 29 (Mon) Workshop: “How to Evaluate Your Photographs” by Gerry Emmerich

Discuss 2017’s and show 2016’s Wisconsin PSA Clubs Showcase and the Wisconsin Print Circuit images.

Aug 31 (Wed)   Image Selection and Comment (refer to “What Does It Mean” page for abbreviation explanations)

                        1) PID-1 PSA Interclub

                        2) ND – 1 PSA Interclub

                        3) PPD-1 PSA Interclub Prints

September, 2016

Sep 10–17        PSA Conference in San Antonio, Texas

Sep 24 (Sat)     WACCO “Birds of Prey” photo shoot at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

October, 2016

Oct 3         Workshop: Image critiquing

     Show and Tell – What I Did on My Summer Vacation – Subjects may include but limited to…

    • Old World Wisconsin (various activities through out the summer) Hwy 67 just outside Eagle, WI
    • Milwaukee Highland Games – June 3 in Hart Park, Wauwatosa, WI
    • Dairyland Bicycle Tour – June 17-26 (through East Troy on June 17)
    • Wausau kayaking – July 22 (Buttercup Slalom) and August 18-21 (Midwest Freestyle Championships)
    • Bristol Renaissance Faire – Weekends July 9 through September 5 in Bristol, WI
    • Waterford Balloon Festival – July 15-17 on the school grounds behind Evergreen Elementary School and Fox River Middle School, Waterford, WI
    • Milwaukee Air Show – (Post-poned until 2017) July 15-16 along the Milwaukee lake front, Milwaukee, WI
    • Racine County Fair – July 27-21 on the County Fair Grounds, Union Grove, WI
    • Wisconsin State Fair – August 4-14 on the State Fair Park Grounds, West Allis, WI
    • Wild West Show – August 13-14 at the Pinecrest Historical Village, Manitowoc, WI
    • Chicago Air and Water Show  –  August 20-21 on the lake front between Fullerton and Oak Street, Chicago, IL
    • 166th Walworth County Fair – August 31 to September 5 on the County Fair Grounds, Elkhorn, WI
    • The Wisconsin Highland Games – September 2-4 at the Waukesha Expo Center, Waukesha, WI
    • PSA Conference, San Antonio, TX – September 10-17

Oct 7-9           PSA Wisconsin Chapter Weekend Photo Outing to Munising, MI (upper peninsula of Michigan)

Oct 17 (Mon)    Image Selection and Comment (refer to “What Does It Mean” page for abbreviation explanations)

                                1) Select 7 digital images for the Wisconsin PSA Clubs Showcase

                                2) Collect prints for the Wisconsin Print Circuit

                                 3) Workshop: Camera settings to use in photography situations

November, 2016

Nov 5 (Sat)  WACCO Fall Competition, Wisconsin Print Circuit prints deadline

Nov 7            “Travels to: Iceland” presented by Jim Kuchler  (was Dec 5, updated 10/17/2016)

Nov 14           Image Selection and Comment (refer to “What Does It Mean” page for abbreviation explanations)  (was Nov 7, updated 10/17/2016) 

                  1) PID-2 PSA Interclub

                  2) ND – 2 PSA Interclub

                   3) PPD-2 PSA Interclub Prints

December, 2016

Dec 5              “Travels to: Australia” presented by Terry Molter  (was Nov 14, updated 10/17/2016)

Dec 12              Make-up meeting, if necessary

January, 2017

Jan 23            Image Selection and Comment (refer to “What Does It Mean” page for abbreviation explanations) (was Jan 30, updated 01/20/2017)

                     1) PID-3 PSA Interclub Images

                     2) PPD-3 PSA Interclub Prints

                     3) Club Judging – Wisconsin Print Circuit

Jan 29 (Sun)  PSA Wisconsin Chapter Meeting – Program> morning: business // afternoon: Jerry Hug “The Wonders of Mobile Photography”

Jan 30             Make-up meeting, if necessary (was Jan 25, updated 08/07/2016)

February, 2017

Feb 6                 1) Club Judging –  Wisconsin PSA Club Showcase

                             2) Workshop:  “Table Top Photography”  (rescheduled to March 13 Meeting, updated 01/23/2017)

                     3) Collect digital images for the George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon.  Click in the highlighted text to get more information regarding this competition and the categories.  Submission deadline TBA.

Feb 13             Make-up meeting, if necessary

March, 2017

Mar 4 (Sat)     WACCO All day Seminar – Presenter Ian Plant (was TBA, updated 08/07/2016)

Mar 6              Image Selection and Comment (refer to “What Does It Mean” page for abbreviation explanations)  (was Mar 7, updated 02/09/2017)

                    1) PID-4 PSA Interclub

                    2) ND – 3 PSA Interclub

                    3) PPD-4 PSA Interclub Prints

Mar 19 (Sun)   PSA Wisconsin Chapter Meeting – Program> morning: business // afternoon: Chris Smith “Photographing Chicago”

Mar 20              1) Workshop:  “Table Top Photography” (was March 13 Meeting, Workshop was Feb 6, updated 01/23/2017)

Bring your camera and a tripod.  There will be a brief discussion on what table-top photography is followed by an opportunity to take some photographs.  We will have stations set up for you to practice at.


April, 2017

Apr 3              “Travels to:  “The Serengeti” presented by Gerry Emmerich

Apr 10             Workshop – Photo Critique with Photoshop

                    Plan 2017-2018 club calendar

Apr 17              Make-up meeting, if necessary

Apr ??             ETHS Photo Class Spring Outing (Weekday TBD)

Apr 27               Just for Fun!  Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day


May, 2017

        May 1           Interclub judging – Nature Division (was May 8, updated 04/15/2017)

Show and Tell – Individual Shows (max 5 minutes)

1) Digital Shows to music

2) BYO’s or club outing images

        May 6 (Sat)  Spring WACCO competition

 May 8             Interclub judging – Projected Image Division

                    Scavenger Hunt Images (See topics list below) (was May 1, updated 04/15/2017)

May 18-20   PSA Wisconsin Chapter Weekend Photo Outing to Door County, WI – Meet at Journey’s End Motel, Bailey’s Harbor

June, 2017

No meeting

Jun 29     Just for fun!  National Camera Day

July, 2017

No meeting

August, 2017

To Be Announced

Scavenger Hunt Topics for 2016-2017

  • Stripes
  • Silhouettes
  • Flowers
  • Solitude
  • Sky
  • Happy/Excitement
  • Mist or Fog
  • Broken or Rusty
  • Transportation
  • Architecture